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Women Stereotypes in the Book "Yemeni Tales and Legends"

Cover of the journal Ansaq

Together with Esam Wasel (Thamar University), CMES researcher Mohammed Al-Mahfali has authored the article "Women Stereotype in the Book: Yemeni Tales and Legends", available online in the journal Ansaq.

The paper aims to understand how women stereotypes are formed in Ḥekayᾱt Wa Asaṭīr Yamanī [Yemeni Tales and Legends] book compiled by Ali Muhammad Abdo. The paper consists of a preface that includes a theoretical background on the stereotype and the approach used in its detection, and six sections that examine the stereotypical image of women in the book and its genres. The paper uses feminist theory and cultural criticism as tools for study and analysis. It has been shown that the Yemeni folk tale - as it appeared in this book - has drawn a stereotype of women that does not deviate much from her stereotype at the level of representations in other cultural productions in the society. As the tales work to shape an exemplary image of men in comparison with for image of women, which is one of betraying trust, and deceitfulness and creating intrigues. The study also revealed the nature of the cultural link between the authoritarian side; men who make women followers and transform them into a means of entertainment attached to his perfect image. All of this appears wrapped in the form of beautiful fantasy stories that present a distorted, albeit socially accepted, image of women.

Read and download the article here

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