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Photo of Maria Andrea Nardi

Maria Andrea Nardi


Photo of Maria Andrea Nardi

Latin America between the dismantling of the state and the rise of social mobilization. The complexity of rural development in North East Argentina


  • Andrea Nardi

Summary, in English

This paper presents some preliminary empirical reflexions about rural development in North East Argentina at the light of the recent socio-economic and political changes. The processes of decentralization that have taken place in the country during the decade of 1990 illustrate the complexity of rural development strategies at local level and the necessity to create policies to take into account the collective actions from below or to promote them in those territories where they do not exist. These kind of collective actions are considered by some authors to play an important role in processes of democratization.


  • Department of Human Geography

Publishing year




Document type

Conference paper


  • Human Geography


  • rural development
  • descentralization
  • Latin America
  • Argentina
  • territory
  • state
  • social mobilization

Conference name

4th Nordic Latin American Research Network (NOLAN) Conference "Latin American Futures"

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