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Mattias Kärrholm


Profile photo of Mattias Kärrholm

A territorological study of time-space production at Stortorget, Malmö 1977-2013


  • Mattias Kärrholm

Summary, in English

In recent years, we have seen the development of a more relational approach to territoriality. This perspective, which focuses on events rather than space, also opens up for an elaboration of temporal aspects of territorial production. In this study, I investigate the central urban square, Stortorget, in Malmö, Sweden, in order to develop a discussion of urban time-space territorology. In 1978, Korosec-Serfaty performed a thorough study of the square, observing its everyday activities. The present study compares territorial productions at Malmö’s Main Square during the 1970s to those of today. The results of the study indicate a change of time-space production in which temporary territorial appropriations and tactics tend to become shorter in duration, whereas the number of temporary and large-scale territorial strategies has increased and the role of these become more important. It also suggests the need to approach the use of public space as a relational and interdependent system rather than as the generic bilateral relations of materialities and social activities.


  • Department of Architecture and Built Environment

Publishing year







CIST, 2e colloque international Fronts et frontières des sciences du territoire

Document type

Conference paper


Université Paris Diderot


  • Human Geography
  • Architecture


  • Events
  • territoriality
  • temporary use
  • public space

Conference name

CIST, Fronts et frontières des sciences du territoire

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