FASTER: Farmers’ Adaptation Sustainability in Tunisia through Excellence in Research

FASTER is an Horizon 2020 EU project running between 2018-2021.

It is a collaboration between CMES Lund University, CREAF (Barcelona University), INRGREF and associated research centres (IRESA, AVFA) in Tunisia, and companies EFB and Vision. 


FASTER. Picture.
* FASTER is  an Horizon 2020 EU project between 2018-2021.









Five work packages

The project is structured into five work packages and amounting to 1 million €, including: coordination; capacity building through training and staff exchanges; living lab stablishing through summer schools, e-learning and stakeholder involvement; project sustainability by monitoring, networking and governmental support; and communication through awareness raising and knowledge cocreation.

Expected impacts to INRGREF and Tunisian partners

  • increased number of publications in peer review journals
  • mobility and international co-funding
  • increased international reputation
  • awareness and engagement
  • new skills and competencies
  • new services and employment related to FAS
  • and new research avenues

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