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46,000 Reads of Lund University Articles on the Middle East in The Conversation 2023

The Conversation

The Conversation is a unique collaboration between academics and journalists that in a decade has become the world’s leading publisher of research-based news and analysis. 25% of all articles from Lund University published in the Conversation in 2023 focused on the Middle East, generating about 46,000 reads.

Lund University has reached a milestone with over 10 million reads in The Conversation since the start. “It is very gratifying! I hope that we publish over 40 articles in 2024, which should be realistic given the increased interest we have seen,” says Per Mickwitz pro vice-chancellor with responsibility for research. “We need to be even better at reaching out with our research, especially internationally. The Conversation is an important channel. This is because The Conversation is read by a lot of people and the articles are republished and spread widely.” Read more in an article by Ellen Albertsdóttir.

A total of 24 articles by 18 LU authors were in 2023. Almost half of the articles (11 of 24) were written by researchers affiliated with the Faculty of Social Sciences, including translations into several languages.

25% of the LU articles published in 2023 address issues in the Middle East

The majority of these articles were written by CMES researchers with translations into both Spanish and French. As of the end of February 2024, the articles had been read more than 45 000 times and had been republished by a range of other publishers (such as Flipboard, Gazeta Wyborcza, IntelliNews, New Indian Express, El Economista and Bon pour la tête).

Read the articles:

"Palestinian conflict: how despair can drive people to violence, even if it puts their lives in danger", by Nina Gren (13 October)

"Attacks on Jews always rise globally when conflict in Israel and Palestine intensifies", by Svante Lundgren (1 November), Spanish translation "Los ataques a judíos aumentan en todo el mundo cuando se recrudece el conflicto palestino-israelí"

"Nagorno-Karabakh: the world should have seen this crisis coming – and it's not over yet", by Svante Lundgren (29 September)

"Israel-Hamas war: will the murder of peace activists mean the end of the peace movement?", by Anne Stein (27 October), French translation "Israël-Hamas: le mouvement pour la paix a-t-il été assassiné le 7 octobre?" (6 November)