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Teaching About Israel Palestine

Cover of the journal Svenska Jerusalemsföreningens Tidskrift

CMES researcher Maria Småberg has participated in a podcast and written an article about what it is like to teach about Israel Palestine.

The article, "Att undervisa om Israel-Palestinakonflikten efter den 7 oktober" (English translation: "Teaching about the Israeli-Palestinian conflict after 7 October"), was published in Svenska Jerusalemsföreningens Tidskrift in June 2024. 


For several years now, I have been teaching a course on the Israeli-Palestinian conflict at Lund University. The number of applicants for the course has never been as high as this year. After Hamas' terrorist attack on Israeli military bases and civilians in southern Israel on 7 October 2023 and with the subsequent war in Gaza, interest in the conflict has increased in many parts of the world and also in Sweden.

Read the article (in Swedish, starts on page 5)

Maria also participated in the podcast Lundadrivet in April 2024, where she spoke about her experiences of teaching about the conflict. 


The Centre for Advanced Middle East Studies is experiencing unprecedented enrolment in the Israel-Palestine course this semester. I met with peace and conflict researcher Maria Småberg to talk about how the first weeks of the course have been, but also to listen to her thoughts on the war in Gaza and the violent developments since 7 October.

Listen to the podcast (in Swedish)