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FASTER: Farmers’ Adaptation Sustainability in Tunisia through Excellence in Research

Funding agency: EU Horizon 2020. Duration: 2018-2021

FASTER is a collaboration between CMES Lund University, CREAF (Barcelona University), INRGREF and associated research centres (IRESA, AVFA) in Tunisia, and companies EFB and Vision. 

The project is structured into five work packages and amounting to 1 million €, including: coordination; capacity building through training and staff exchanges; living lab establishing through summer schools, e-learning and stakeholder involvement; project sustainability by monitoring, networking and governmental support; and communication through awareness-raising and knowledge co-creation. 

Expected impacts to INRGREF and Tunisian partners:

  • increased number of publications in peer review journals
  • mobility and international co-funding
  • increased international reputation
  • awareness and engagement
  • new skills and competencies
  • new services and employment related to FAS
  • new research avenues


  • Developing a knowledge transfer framework: developing new lines of research, finalize specific articles, improve technical skills, etc.
  • Supporting FAS sustainability in Tunisia: mainstreaming research results and technology to local farmers and policy-makers linked to forestry and agricultural sectors.


Khemiri, K., Jebari, S., Berndtsson, R., & Maalel, K. (2021). "Is climate or direct human influence responsible for discharge decrease in the tunisian merguellil basin?". Water13(19), 2748.

Zemni, N., Bouksila, F., Persson, M., Slama, F., Berndtsson, R., & Bouhlila, R. (2019). "Laboratory calibration and field validation of soil water content and salinity measurements using the 5TE sensor." Sensors19(23), 5272.

Zemni, N., Bouksila, F., Slama, F., Persson, M., Berndtsson, R., & Bouhlila, R. (2020). "Evaluation of low-cost WET sensor to measure soil moisture and pore electrical conductivity", Paper number 77, Proc. 3rd Conf. Arabian Journal of Geosciences (CAJG), 2–5 Nov. 2020, Springer Nature.

For more publications, visit the project's website

Research Team

Ronny Berndtsson, CMES Deputy Director and Professor at the Division of Water Resources Engineering (Department of Building and Environmental Technology, Lund University) 

ronny [dot] berndtsson [at] tvrl [dot] lth [dot] se

Anders Ackfeldt, CMES Researcher and Researcher at History of Religions and Religious Behavioural Science (Centre for Theology and Religious Studies, Lund University) 

anders [dot] ackfeldt [at] ctr [dot] lu [dot] se

Cintia Bertacchi Uvo, Professor at the Division of Water Resources Engineering (Department of Building and Environmental Technology, Lund University) 

cintia [dot] bertacchi_uvo [at] tvrl [dot] lth [dot] se

Magnus Persson, Professor at the Division of Water Resources Engineering (Department of Building and Environmental Technology, Lund University) 

magnus [dot] persson [at] tvrl [dot] lth [dot] se

The National Research Institute for Rural Engineering Water and Forestry (INRGREFin Tunisia

The Institution for Agricultural Research and Higher Education (IRESA) in Tunisia

The Agriculture Extension and Training Agency (bo [dot] avfa [at] iresa [dot] agrinet [dot] tn (AFVA)in Tunisia 

CREAF in Spain

Vision Communication Consultancy in Spain

Europe for Business in the UK