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Only the Middle East Can Fix the Middle East

Cover of the Foreign Affairs Magazine

CMES Visiting Professor Dalia Dassa Kaye has co-authored an article on the path to a post-American regional order in the Middle East, published in Foreign Affairs.

The article "Only the Middle East Can Fix the Middle East: The Path to a Post-American Regional Order" was written by Dalia Dassa Kaye and Sanam Vakil. It was published in Foreign Affairs on 1 February 2024.


In the early weeks of 2024, as the catastrophic war in the Gaza Strip began to inflame the broader region, the stability of the Middle East appeared to be once again at the center of the U.S. foreign policy agenda. In the initial days after Hamas’s October 7 attacks, the Biden administration moved two aircraft carrier strike groups and a nuclear-powered submarine to the Middle East, while a steady stream of senior U.S. officials, including President Joe Biden, began making high-profile trips to the region. Then, as the conflict became more difficult to contain, the United States went further. In early November, in response to attacks on U.S. military personnel in Iraq and Syria by Iranian-backed groups, the United States conducted strikes on weapons sites in Syria used by Iran’s Islamic Revolutionary Guard Corps; in early January, U.S. forces killed a senior commander of one of these groups in Baghdad. And in mid-January, after weeks of attacks on commercial ships in the Red Sea by the Houthi movement, which is also supported by Iran, the United States, together with the United Kingdom, initiated a series of strikes on Houthi strongholds in Yemen. 

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